Players Car Rental policy

Rent for pleasure & business: only rent with us if you love and respect cars. Ours cars are to be appreciate and enjoy.

Private rentals only: The rental has to be for a personal and private use only. Any other use will be subject for an advance agreement between parts. The penalty for use the car without this requirement will be $20,000.00 daily plus any other charge necessary to cover all our expenses.

Baby/Child Seats are available and required by the law.

COVERAGE'S, INSURANCE OR DAMAGE WAIVERS: Check to see if your personal or business car insurance covers you in a rental car. Some credit cards have rental car coverage, too. Your personal or corporate auto insurance may cover Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), Personal Effects Coverage (PEC) and Additional Liability Insurance (ALI).  Also Be aware that your personal insurance probably does not apply to your rental car when traveling overseas.

Credit car coverage: Some upper level credit cards such as MasterCard Gold may be a source for excess or secondary insurance for a car rental, but only if you use the same credit card to rent the vehicle. Some upper level credit cards can be your primary collision coverage in absence of any personal car collision insurance or when you are traveling overseas, where your personal insurance will not apply. Since these policies vary, call your credit card company to find out their policies for car rentals.

CANCELLATION: 48 hours in advance or there will be a one day charge of your daily rate.

LIMITED MILEAGE: 100 free miles per day and $0.50 per mile thereafter. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce $1.00 per extra mile.

GAS CHARGES: We will deliver the vehicle with a full tank of gas. If you choose not to return the car with a full tank, there will be a charge of $2.00 per gallon.

Driver's License: Renter must hold a valid license: Provision, Probationary and Temporary licenses will not be accepted. A passport must accompany an international driver's license. Minimum age 25 years old..

 Only MAJOR CREDIT Cards accepted: American Express, Visa & MasterCard . Any charge over US$3,000.00 we require a wire transfer.

Additional Drivers: Only authorized drivers will be allowed to drive the rental vehicle. Additional drivers must present a valid license driver and sign the rental contract. Only two additional drivers will be allowed. A fee may apply.

DELIVERY:  We delivery every where in U.S.

I have read and accept the above policy statements


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Tampa & Orlando Hotline 1 407 484-8360 1 407 876-7798  1 407 247-8374

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